Should Chino become Tino, T or Tchino?

4 12 2012


I hate to mislead my audience.  The pics of the dog above are of the dog I left behind in Los Angeles. I am waiting for a pic of Chino /Tino/whatever because I haven’t set up my phone as a camera.


Now here is Chino!!!

This getting old stuff is for the birds.  Having said that reminded me that Thanksgiving was recent so maybe it was a poor choice of words for the aging process given the recent rise in the mortality rate of turkeys.  Sorry, I digress.

The point is that my declining sentient state was evident when I recently adopted a dog from Evolucion where I volunteer as a dog walker. As Silvia Cortes, the owner of Evolucion said, “Chino choose you.”  She was right.  In our first meeting the little mutt mix of mostly terrier put his dirty little paws on me with the unmistakable look of “Take me home now Daddy.” That night before falling asleep I was reading “Following Atticus” a memoir about the impact a mountain climbing schnauzer had on his owner’s life.  The next morning I woke up saying to myself – time for another dog.  My first choice would be a Rottweiler but with my continued knee problems and the heat of the Yucatan it’s not the best partner for me in Merida.

The next trip to Evolucion I met up with Chino again and Saturday night he was in his new home.  It wasn’t until the next day that I learned that Chino was his name when Patricia Holland (an Evolucion volunteer mainstay) sent me an email congratulating me on my adoption.  The title of the email was “Chino.” Up until that time I had been calling the damn dog Tino since that’s how my malfunctioning ears transmitted his name to my brain when we were introduced.  Until then I had been somewhat puzzled by the lack of reaction the dog had when I called him, “Tino, come.” He didn’t even look at me.   Then I learned his real name and said, “Chino, come here.” He looked at me like “Hey dummy who told you my name. I was planning on ignoring you for the rest of your life” and came and sat at my feet. I introduced him to my son on Skype before I knew Chino was his name as Tino.  My son said, “Hey T, how are you?”  We talked a little about renaming the dog.

He’d been here 2 days before he decided to let me know his vocal chords were in order.  There’d been no whining for food or drink, no barking at strangers at the door just a silent little brown dog who pretty much followed me wherever I went hoping I’d give him a treat or a pat on the head.  Yesterday I learned what gets him to talk.  I was standing in the kitchen when suddenly I heard a very loud bark.  I turned from the sink and headed for the front door thinking someone  I was expecting had arrived.  Not so. I almost tripped over him as he raced out the back door after a cat who had ventured into the yard. The cat scampered up the wall and out of sight. The only thing missing from the scene was a silly soundtrack from Looney Tunes.

So here’s the dilemna. He’s my dog and I can call him what I want within the bounds of civility or not.  I do admit to using vulgarity at times. What do you think readers?  Should he be Chino, Tino, T for short, T C or Tchino as a compromise.  Provided I get more than 7 votes I will abide by the popular decision and the dog will be given the name the blog audience dictates.


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