Turning the Page – Welcome to 2013 – where is Escocia and what the Hell is Auld Lang Syne?

2 01 2013

Now that we have finally gone over the cliff – fiscal, calendar, whatever that cliff was we went over – I wish everyone a Happy New Year.  Chino wishes you a Woof!!! Woof!!! as well.  For any of you wondering there has been no name change but he was the star of the Fiesta held last weekend at my place.

Having been introduced to some Mexican celebrations of the holidays I think I’ll visit a weight loss expert.  The Christmas Eve feast began with snacks and drinks (mostly non-alcoholic) from 10 till about 1AM.  A champagne toast began dinner which had been delayed so that the last attendee – the 7 year-old son of a divorced Dad – could sit at the table with Dad’s family after he sat with Mom’s on the front-end of the celebration. On this particular night divorce didn’t seem so bad since he got to celebrate twice as much as everybody else.  I was touched by the love and patience everyone showed and especially touched by the hug and kisses he gave his one year-old half-sister upon arriving. The place given family life is something Mexico can boast about especially when the presence of kids at an almost all-night party was so comfortable. The downside we will come to later.

As I’ve gotten older eating at 2AM has made it difficult to sleep but luckily there was turkey’s natural sedative, tryptophan, among the pork, chicken, potatoes au gratin, rice, and stuffed pumpkin. What no cranberry sauce?  For those of you not-in-the-know turkey-aided sleep is mostly mythical since it takes huge quantities of tryptophan to bring on sleep. So I will have to own up to having add enough wine that I was snoring by 4AM.

The downside of Mexican family life came on New Years Eve when the mandated presence of a 16 year-old at the fiesta was fulfilled with all night darts being sent from the eyes of the teenager to her mother. If memory serves 16 is the height of the identity crisis and my kids in the 80’s would not have acquiesced if they had been mandated to skip being with their friends. In this particular instance I think somewhere between the Mexican way and the American way there might be a fitting compromise. Thankfully I don’t have to fight those battles anymore.

As we approached midnight someone started using Youtube on the computer to find songs that were traditional to the celebration here in Mexico or that stirred up memories of time past. So as the only Gringo in the group I naturally suggested “Auld Lang Syne” thinking everyone would know it. Not so. I got blank stares. You know from Scotland? More blank stares. Searching my brain for the word, I finally came up with, “Escocia.” Nodding heads but still questioning eyes. A slightly off-key version of “should old acquaintance be forgot and never bought to mind.” Still questions on most faces. How do I get out of this? Remembering

And surely you’ll buy your pint cup !

and surely I’ll buy mine !

And we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,

for auld lang syne.

I told them, “it’s a drinking song, los borrachos.” Smiles of acknowledgment.  I was off the hook.


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