Flat-lined and on Life Support

5 04 2014

We are into the last week of crowdfunding the Songs of Icarus and it’s not looking good. The patient has flat-lined for over a week and now is on life support. I will not pull the plug because the book deserves to live. Besides friends providing the obligatory encouragement, I’ve had professionals tell me the book is good and deserves a chance.

Assuming my Kickstarter project doesn’t succeed what happens next?
One thing I’ve learned about myself with crowdfunding is something I chose to forget in order to bring my novel into the light of day. I am not a social networking person. That was true before there was a social network and Mark Zuckerberg whom I hope to never meet. I am a writer of an older generation than the writers of today. I prefer to work on my art and let others work on getting it seen. In spite of all that I’ve read from people who know more about success in self-publishing than I do, self-marketing sucks. It always has and always will. As I’ve gone down this road I almost started to believe my own bullshit but my daily meditation practice stopped that each and every day. My book is good and I will find a way to get it published with or without a social network. That means exploring the field of literary agents and talking to published writers and musicians of works I admire.

Here’s one of them whom I admire who speaks from the heart. Pay particular attention to what he has to say at the end of the interview. It’s meant for young artists but I find it particularly appropriate for me right now.

Besides speak the man can play.


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