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First there was Philadelphia, then Dallas, Atlanta, San Francisco. Los Angeles and now the Yucatan.  Only the last place was never in the NFC. Philly boys usually have reasons for leaving the Home of the Cheese Steak where the Eagles’ last NFL championship wasn’t on TV because home team TV was blacked out.  My reason for leaving was business related and came much later than 1960.  Not much going on in Philly in the 90’s for techie types like me.  Oracle wanted me in Dallas so I said “what the hell.”  That only lasted a year.  My wife said, “No way, Jose,” to the The Mustangs of Colinas one August where temps in the 90’s were a cold wave.  She joined me in Atlanta but that didn’t work either and she went back to Philly to become the ex-wife.  A couple of years later along came a Bay Area consulting gig, Taoism and big-time changes in the City by the Bay.  In 2010 the new woman in my life and I left for Los Angeles to keep an eye on her 90+ year old Mom.  September 8, 2012 I landed in Merida por Nueva Vida.  No woman, No cry.

So much for the one paragraph version of the Days of Our Lives.  Behind all that is a left-behind education – not sure whether it was me or the education that was left behind.  An undergraduate degree in English, followed by OJT on computers, an MBA, fatherhood of the two best sons a man could have, financial ups and downs registering high and low on the Richter scale (mostly low), a love for sport (particularly Rugby Union and the All Blacks), jazz pianist extraordinaire Bill Evans, ballet, Henri Matisse, Kurt Elling, Miles Davis, Billy Joel, J.S. Bach, the Beatles, the Band, Michel Legrand, Buena Vista Social Club – the list of music could wear us both out writing it and reading it.  Oh did I mention Randy Newman’s “I’m Dreaming of a White President?”

Programming, even at the machine language level, computer consulting, middle managment, business ownership, high school and university teaching were the all too many “let me count the ways” used to put bread on the table for 20 years in the Chester County, Pennsylvania American dream house.  Now it’s time to sit back, relax, sweat a little, meditate deep and often and be the man I was meant to be.  OMG! – sounds like an epitaph. Maybe not.  There’s a lot of smiles left to give and get. Viva Mexico!!!


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9 12 2012
Jillian van der Gracht


My name is Jillian van der Gracht and I am currently in my fourth year at Capilano University, in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada working towards my Bachelor of Tourism Management. In our fourth year we have to complete a research paper that involves us each conducting our own research on a particular topic about the tourism industry. The topic I have chosen is expatriate tourism in Merida, Yucatan. I chose this topic after living in Merida from 2008-2009 after I graduated high school. I spent ten weeks taking an international program at Technologia Turistica Total, and then continued working with them and their Life Long Learning program.

I have read portions of your blog and I was wondering if you would be interested in filling out a survey about your experiences in Merida. I was also hoping that you could possibly pass along the survey to some of your other expatriate friends that would be interested in assisting me in my research.

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this and hope to hear from you soon. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jillian van der Gracht

10 12 2012

I’d be happy to fill out and pass along your survey. With names like like van der Gracht and Snyder it’s the least one of some Dutch extraction can do for another, although most of my ancestors came to North America from Ireland.

19 01 2013
Jillian van der Gracht

Hi Bill! I was wondering if you would still be interested in filling out my survey? If you are please follow this link and feel free to forward it to any of your friends. There is not currently much information out there about expatriate life in Merida, so the more people that fill out the survey, the more accurate it will be. If you’re interested in hearing about my findings when my project is complete i would be more than happy to forward them to you.


23 01 2013
Bill Snyder

Jillian, please forward your findings. Good luck with the survey. I am pleased to participate.

5 05 2015
Graham Stull

Hi Bill,

As an Irish American, I thought you might take an interest in my latest novel, which features as its central character…an Irish American!

Entitled, “The Hydra”, it’s a political thriller about a man who engineers a virus which renders 90% of the world’s population infertile. He’s caught and put on trial in The Hague. As the trial unfolds, his lawyer argues he acted in self-defence of the climate, but global outrage mounts as the world awakens to what he has done. Meanwhile, in the quiet moments between the hearings, the scientist tells his life story – the story of a complex and troubled man…

‘The Hydra’ is available through Amazon, and will be stocked at a number of independent booksellers in Ireland in the coming weeks, but as yet no plans to stock paperback in the US market.

So just follow the link to take a look at it and judge it by its cover:


You can also have a look at my author profile on writing.ie here:


Of course, it would be fab if you could do a review on your blog; if not, all the best in your much sunnier corner of the globe (the weather’s miserable here in Dublin – surprise, surprise!)



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